Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Whites

In between Christmas and New Year's, I start to put away the colorful Christmas decor.  But I always love to keep all the white twinkly lights out until New Years and anything else that feels lighter and white.    A few pics to inspire you to clean up the clutter during the holiday break and keep it simple in the New Year:
(click on any picture to enlarge)

 How about you?  Do you start putting away your Christmas decor before or after the New Years? 

(all picture credits can be found on my Pinterest boards)


Barbara said...

Love the clean and fresh. I am one of those that starts to put Christmas away immediately. We decorate early, so I am ready to start over for a new year. This year it symbolizes coming home. We spent the holidays in an apartment since the completion of our home was delayed a couple of months. Putting away the decorations meant that the move to our new home is just a few weeks away! Yay

jvw home said...

Happy New Yr Barbara....thx for stopping by....and would love to see pics of your new home when you get settled....we moved in last Sept , but hope to finally get some decent pics of our house this Spring when i do a few more projects....

Bargain Hoot said...

Hi Jeanette!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with that new Grandbaby!!! Haven't talked to you in forever. Hope all is well!!



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