Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Design by Dentist

Dr.David Myers in Conway, Arkansas designed his orthodontic office , taking 3 years to complete. He incorporated his love of old cars & vintage memorabilia into his office.

Dr. Myers should win a design award for one very cool place to work:

When we designed my husband's dental office, I wanted the waiting room to have calming colors, fabrics and ambient lighting.. Often times patients are nervous to see a Dentist and you have to give them a calm space before heading off to the operatory chairs. We also incorporated the option of watching T.V.(mounted on the wall) or wearing head phones with your choice of music, while having dental work.

Dr. Myers chose another way of calming his patients, through an office with attention to detail. The details are what probably keep his patients calm because there is so much eye candy & colorful focal points.

I love guitars on the wall and what a cool idea having the billboard:
Not sure about the red and yellow room though. Sorry Doc, all I could think about here is an Oscar Meyer hot dog with mustard and ketchup.
But his name IS Dr. Myers, :)
Girls gotta love the pink cadillac with the cowhide upholstery.

How clever is this desk area?
I love how he incorporated the windows as well.
I've been working on updating my husband's dental website. Natalie Reis, my website guru of Modern Sugar is almost finished. The new website will have iconic Austin pictures of guitars, lakes, bluebonnets & the beautiful hill country.
But , I've gotta give Dr. Myers kudos on his website design too. Check out his FUN website HERE.

Would love to know your thoughts about Dr. Myers office.
Does your Dentist have a fun office you'd like to share?

All the best,


Victoria Lyon said...

What fun! I wish I could get my teeth cleaned here! The kids must love it too.

Victoria Lyon said...

This is amazing! I wish I could get my teeth cleaned here! My kids probably wouldn't even mind getting cavities just to visit this dentist! Fun post...

jvw home said...

Thanks Victoria....
didn't you say you have a design blog?? send me the link if you do....
have a great weekend...


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