Monday, April 11, 2011


Yes, it's a bittersweet sell, but we've sold our Crystal Creek house! For many different reasons, my husband & I decided it was time to move. We're staying in Austin but closer to the lake.
We actually sold our house before it went into MLS. Our buyers found it on our realtor's website as "coming soon to MLS". Our buyer's live in Geneva, Switzerland, but had their Mom stop in to see if it would be a house they'd like (their Mom lives close to Austin). Long story, but we started long distance emails & lots of extra pictures were sent. The next week after the Mom eyes it, the buyer leaves Geneva on a Friday flight. He has to come solo because his wife needs to stay home with little ones. He gets here Saturday evening. Views the property on Saturday evening, writes a contract Sunday morning and gets on a flight to Geneva Sunday around lunchtime! We closed on this past Friday. Yes, it truly all worked out...there's more fun details to the story. But most people would've thought it was a bogus flying from Geneva with offer, right?
They seem like a beautiful family and we're thrilled to pass this sweet place to a family we know will cherish and love it too.

So, where are we moving? Well, you'll just have to stay tuned for the details of the next house. We'll have fun with the journey.
Here's some deals we scored at the local Restoration Hardware outlet this weekend. Can you tell the direction we'll be going with this house?

rustic baskets with rope detail

Parsons reclaimed wood coffee table

(sorry on that glare!)
comfy tufted Belgian linen sofa
(we're talking a LONG sofa...10' long!)

very heavy & large iron mirror , hangs from thick rope

Steven and I are excited about the ideas for the new house. We have a great time collaborating on homes & we look forward to sharing the next redesign with you soon.

So, now you see why I've been busy and still haven't posted new dog beds or pillows on the store. Life got very busy to say the least!
Hope to share the new goods soon.

All the best,



Red Door Home said...

How exciting! Looking forward to see what fabulous things you have in store for your new home. It looks like you already have a great start!

jvw home said...

Thanks Stacy.....great to hear from you again.

I just might order one of your pillows the applique initial!

Paige Bartholomew said...

Congratulations, Jeanette!!! Bittersweet is right, but I know your new house will be as gorgeous as the last. Love, Paige

jvw home said...

You can relate right Paige? Yes, definitely bittersweet....
we've adored this very special place & the great vibe it's given to all...a very warm & welcoming place. But I truly feel that the new owners will nurture it too & continue to glorify this historical place!

Rene' said...

Hi Janette,
I see the direction :) You must be having so much fun!!

jvw home said...

Hi Rene!
Did you see the new online magazine TRADhome today? It had the same coffee table with the same sofa I bought! Love it!
It's a hassle to move, but yes, always fun to start a new project...hope you're doing great...


Awesome deals! Jeanette...I actually got the large basket at Scott's Antique Market here in Atlanta and her husband made it into a light for us! It cost $75.00 and I have seen them on South of Market's website for $2000.00.
I have hunted for another basket like that :(

jvw home said...

Thx Sherry! I need to get over to Scott's in Atlanta and see all their fun stuff.
Your light is fabulous....


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