Monday, March 14, 2011


On my last post I told you about Paul Finkel of Piston Design Photography.
Paul rocks at residential photography in Austin and San Antonio.
Recently he photographed our home and I wanted to share some of his work. Today I'm showing you photos he took of our exterior. Tomorrow I'll show you his photos of the inside and then later in the week I'll show you amazing homes he's photographed.
Keep in mind the photos were taken just after our last hard freeze in the area and before the large crepe myrtle trees bloom!
You can also appreciate his work better by clicking on the photos to enlarge:

(hmm.....that antenna on the top of the yellow guesthouse is not on our's a radio tower miles away!)

Love how he captured the light below ,of the pool area. The waterfall pump was broken the day of the photo shoot (thanks to the last hard freeze)....but it's working again, thank heavens!

Hope you're having a great day,


theLENNOXX said...

Oh Jeanette your home is breathtaking! I'd die to have a pool like that, do you go swimming often? So jealous!! Can't wait to see the inside now =D

xo Linda

jvw home said...

Thx Linda!
You know we do swim's truly like being in a Texas hill country swimming hole when you're up how the pool builder really helped to create the natural look of the rock part....its really cool when the waterfall is spilling over the rocks....but that's another photo time right?
hope you're doing great....

Rene' said...

Jeanette...those pictures are awesome!! I love the charming style of your home...thanks for sharing them!!


sarah @ realestatestyle said...

Wow! Those pics r fantastic!

jvw home said...

Thanks Rene and Sarah for your sweet comments. I'll post the interior shots today...
hope yall are doing well and thanks so much for stopping in...


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