Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Today is one of those days when it's freezing cold outdoors and I'm craving warm sunshine, Spring and bright colors.
Orange and turquoise are going to be a fun addition to Spring & Summer interiors this year.

Pillows are a great way to update a room each season. It's that time again to think of new Spring colors and put away the winter colors. Maria Killam of Colour Me Happy blog once said, " pillowscapes are a great way to show off color without making a large investment".

I love these pillows from the shop and hope you'll consider them to brighten your interiors in the coming months:

Today while I was downloading my photos to the blog post, I took a break to read email. I had just titled my post " orange you lovin' it?", and then I get Rene's blog post from Bargain Hoots with this post about these "orange" stickers, from Twig and Thistle:
Orange they cute?!

Check out the other cute stickers on her post today HERE. They're a great way to add some fun to any one's lunchbox!

Rene and I were on the same "orange" wave length of thinking!

Also, wanted to shout out a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LUKE!!! (my youngest son)
Tomorrow he'll turn the big 12!

aka Al Pacino!

Love ya dearly Luke!!!

Make it a great day!


Images via:
Lily Pulitzer, Habitually Chic, jvw home, Bargain Hoot, House of Turquoise,
Tim Clarke Design


Rene' said...

That is sooo funny about the orange post! We were on the same wave for sure :)
I'm loving you pillows and inspiration! Thank you for the shout out BFF! :)

jvw home said...

you're so welcome Rene....have a great day & it will be funny to see if our next post parallels in thought!
have a great day!
and same to you BFF!

Rene' said...

Our next post parallels too :) hehe
Congrats, I just noticed your guest room was featured on house by Janell Beals. :) Awesome!


jvw home said...

can't wait to see it!
i'm still working on my "wood" post i mentioned....the wknd put it on hold!
I looked on HOUZZ but couldn't find Janell's shout out....
let me know where..
thx cuz i love her design!


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