Friday, January 28, 2011


We have posts to share!

I missed yall today and wondered why my last 2 posts weren't getting emailed to subscribers. My Feedblitz techie told me my prob and I think I resolved it.

This is a testing post, but also a way to let yall know that I have 2 posts you might have missed. So scroll down & look for the lil box on the right , says "click here to read our older posts" & check them out.

Hopefully my next post will get published right and this glitch won't happen again.

Have a great weekend!


Macarena - Chic et Posh said...

Adorable posts! Just like that fabulous tree house. My son was by my side when I was reading your blog and he started saying: Mom, please, build me a house like that!. Have a lovely weekend. XoXo

jvw home said...

Isn't that a GREAT treehouse? The treehouse is located at the "1865 Homestead" in Fredericksburg, Texas. It's just as charming as the entire B & B compound...I think I wrote about the "1865" in older posts. My husband and I had our wedding reception there....Luke, my son, loved going for a visit there!

jvw home said...

Here's the post on the "1865 Homestead":

The Polished Pebble said...

I love that treehouse! Do ya think I could put one in one of our big oak trees in Ojai? How fun would that be!

xo kelley

jvw home said...

Kelley, one of those treehouses would be amazing in Ojai! It's tall enough for you and your hubby to go up there and have a glass of vino!


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