Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Home Kisses for You!

I meant to share this post  awhile back, but the Thanksgiving holidays kept me very busy.  Hoping you and yours had a beautiful holiday.  
Today and the rest of this month will get hectic.  Therefore, I'm sharing only the highlights of a recent road trip but not alot of commentary here.  So, enjoy the "okay" Iphone pics of these beautiful homes in this story below & forgive the half A written part:
Recently,  on a drive home from San Antonio to Austin, we cut through some back roads of San Marcos and discovered this great community called  Kissing Tree .

 The neighborhood is one of the "55 and over" neighborhoods.  The entire community and the homes are gorgeous, with a ton of amenities.
We walked through several model homes and fell in love with so many of their designs that I wanted to share.  Not only are the home designs brilliant by Brookfield Residential  but also the gorgeous interiors were beautiful.   The designs are brilliant because of the smart use of space and then creating interiors that make the smaller homes look large.    I was a kid in a candy store touring each and every model home.  The design team , Millenium did an amazing job with the interior details and I was so impressed!  Really, the pics don't do this place justice.  When I look back , the pictures are "ok" but when you're IN the homes and see and feel the design, the interior design, it's quite different & beautiful.  Hope  you'll visit the nice people there.  It's super laid back, no high pressure sales people! And they have tacos on Sunday....worth a beautiful ride in the hill country and then you can stop over at the San Marcos outlets and do some Christmas shopping! (check their website for their events)  I'm only showing a couple of homes below.  But there were about 7 or 8 model homes.  All unique and fun to tour.

Here I loved the simple but nice button detail on the curtains:

Clever idea to use metal tacks on this wall treatment:
Alot of the homes had no threshold into the shower, so you can easily  walk right in.  It's a modern look but also as we age, not having to step into a shower is brilliant.  One of my pet peeves in homes is when windows are low, next to a tub that require a window treatment.  Even when you're young, it's dangerous to step into the tub to open your window treatment everyday for light!
Wall detail with trim and varying paint:
Ceiling detail:
This home was one of my fave.  I loved how it felt coastal with the light wood deck in the front:
This wall, was just past the deck, before the front door:

Different way to place pendants:

Nice barn door details on the built-ins:

The mirror and shutters make this wall feel really cozy:

Wall treatments:

Recessed bowls in the vanities:
Tile ideas:
Cute window treatment:
Leaving this model home, looking out the front door:

Hope you enjoyed a lil mini tour of this sweet neighborhood.  Oh, and please check out their website.  Honestly, you would not believe all the amenities there!  (and you don't have to be over 55 to visit the community :))..... go and be inspired by the interiors and the smart home designs.
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Sunday, October 22, 2017


We recently had new photographs taken of the front exterior of our home.     Since our garden is still thriving,   we decided to have them taken, in case we were to market our home in the ugly part of winter.  
However, we're almost finished with our backyard, barn garage project.  We like it so much that we just might stay longer than anticipated.
I'll give you a sneak peek of the barn garage and you can always follow the progress on our Instagram page: @jvwhome

Monday they come out to do the site clean up, pave the driveway and then we'll work on the hardscaping/landscaping in front of the barn.  The "lean to" on the left side will function as a gardening shed.  Oh, the garage doors?  The one shown was not the one we ordered, so now we're waiting on the correct doors to arrive.  The new garage doors will be installed by the end of the month and will be more of the farmhouse look with an "x" pattern , and will be painted the same color as the French doors, the charcoal black.  We also installed the jadeite green barn lighting to coordinate with the main house exterior lighting.

Oh, another project we'd like to complete here?  A pool cabana where you see that rectangle section of grass at the edge of the pool.   
Here's my inspiration drawing for what we'll create:

Not only would be it be very cute in between the barn garage and the house;   but mainly it's to provide privacy from neighbors.  Love our neighbors but I'd say most of us want our privacy, especially by the pool , right?   I'd also love to have a spot for our bbq "egg".  The Lake Side Country Club  sign is an old goodie that I scored years ago at an antique store in Llano, Tx..

We'll either build all this and decide we'll stay awhile or we'll eventually move closer in for my husband's commute  & we could easily downsize again now that our youngest is out of the nest, etc..  

We bought this spec home built by Agave Custom Homes.  Agave uses Rudy Bombick of Bee Creek Landscape to do all of his homes.

Rudy creates a great base of landscaping.   We love that our garden has become so prolific and pretty, but yet a low maintenance garden.   Rudy is great with his knowledge of plants and what works in our area and how to balance color and texture in the garden.    Living in a neighborhood with good water allows us to have a good irrigation system again which is also a major plus!

When we bought the house, we changed the brick color with a German brick smear technique.   The brick was more of a maroon red which didn't work with my interior or exterior decor.  I had to lighten it to work with my stuff, even though it was fine.  
 Here's  original sales photos here:

We also had the utility company move that eye sore of a guy wire to another part of the garden where it's less noticeable.  

The German smear job wasn't exactly like the inspiration pic I showed the mason guy, but I'm still happier it's a whiter finish.  Oh well!
Here was my inspiration pic from a Magnolia home:

We added alot of plants to the base garden that Rudy had set up.  We also added free standing pots within the garden and some garden art, etc.. Another area we added was the Euro style garden with the pea gravel, where our bistro set is situated.  Makes for a great spot to watch kids or the dogs in the front, safe from the street.  

Another feature Rudy uses is alot of modern pavers but also organic Texas limestone to create steps and accents in the garden.  Love how he created the steps to the porch here:

If you notice in the pics above, we also screened in the left porch.  We live in that screen porch, alot.  If you follow us on Instagram, you know it's my haven.  Especially in the morning and in the evening.  Plus we watch alot of great football games out there or have dinners on the outdoor Gathering Table we have on the porch, bug free.  Plus we have an outdoor fireplace out there and so it's super cozy!

A project we'd still like to complete is either painting our front  porch or putting brick pavers on the porch floor.  We've known this awhile, but when we saw these pictures, we realize it does need it to be finished!
I love my outdoor rug , I found it on Amazon here.  Works like a champ ....water it down everyday and the colors are still like brand new.

Here's a brick patio floor for inspiration:

Once we moved in, we also realized quickly that our dogs needed a fence in the front.  Especially when the poor UPS man would stop in.  Well, you know, Amazon is our friend these days right?!  Especially when you're in a new home and need "stuff".  (btw, watch a George Carlin funny video about "stuff" at the bottom of my post..... if you really want to humor yourself)
We outlined the front yard & courtyard with this horizontal wood fence:

Hope you enjoyed our home.  I'll write more in a couple of days about the Four Hands Home visit I mentioned in the last blog post.  I was hoping to share more pictures of the Kyle Bunting tour but was informed I can't share pictures of their factory/showroom because of their privacy statement.    If you go to their website though, you can see lots of eye candy there.

Hope you're enjoying nice Fall weather wherever you are.

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p.s.   Click on this link :  George Carlin video  for a good laugh about "stuff"!
 professional pics courtesy of Mark Adams Photography  & Magnolia Homes 
cabana rendering via SAS Studio

Sunday, October 15, 2017


One of my clients was tired of her sofa & wanted something new.
    She found this gorgeous sectional at Decorum and changed up her living room:
The sectional is alot larger in scale than her previous sofa and so now we needed a long sofa table but skinny in depth because the Dining Area is just next to it.  She went with this beautiful aged grey wood table from Luxe Decor:

For a few days I gathered stuff  to decorate the new table and then arrived with multiple bags and boxes, days later. 
Any stylist/designer knows to go into a styling project with a ton of stuff and then have options to choose from. I try my hardest to map out in a drawing what I'll do...but having some extras always helps cuz I honestly have to just play with the balance and scale of everything else in the room... sometimes you tend to add/delete items when you're in the actual space.   Also, sometimes I'll grab something the client has in another area and move things around a bit.  I have always had the nicest clients that let me just do what I want, with what they have, or the shopping part.   Luckily with this installation, I ended up just returning a few items :).  Cuz we all hate returning things right?

Probably my most fave item I found was this gorgeous very heavy crystal lamp.  

Other fave lil pieces I've added in the other part of the room:

One of my "trade only" items we can order is this wood finial.  It's a large, tall, heavy piece and beautifully carved aged grey wood from Kalalou below.  Blue porcelain remains classic in interiors and I have this thing for any gorgeous stones or rocks in a home such as the agate bookends from ZGallerie:

Like what you see?  If you want to see more of this beautiful lakeview home for sale, then click this link HERE.   My client has changed up some of her styling in the kitchen since the real estate pics were taken too.  It's a great home in the beautiful Lakeway area,  top rated Lake Travis School District and has an amazing lake view plus a tennis court below.  You can also keep your golf cart in the garage and mosey over to the various golf courses in the area.

I'm really working on the regularity of blogging.  I dropped the ball for months and just didn't feel like writing.  I stay active the most on our IG or FB pages because we're always short on time.  A quick snapshot here and there is well, EASY.  But I know that there are some of yall that have asked about more blog posting and I appreciate it because I really didn't know that many people read them.  Rachel and I are going to work on a system where one of us regularly writes about design and what we're up to....and in the coming months we're working to get some photos of recent projects.  Our website/portfolio  is way over due for updating as well.   All of this takes time but we'll get there!

Cheers to the weekend,

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