Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Pantone's color of the year is "Greenery".
After many months of dismal grey outdoors, green sounds great, fresh.
However, not all clients prefer a bright green like Pantone's Greenery.  So, tone it down a bit if you have to,  in another varying shade of green.
 Green brings the beauty of the outdoors in and creates a harmony between the interior and exterior of a home. 
 Greenery (or a close shade)  can even be great as a statement on your front door (especially with charcoal greys):

Not on the green band wagon?  How about in  small doses such as pillows: 


or a lamp:

or just a  pop of green on an accent piece of furniture:

And then for those with an adventurous spirit, do it in large doses!

Green is amazing with a pop of blue or navy!

Pantone's color of the year trickles down into not only home decor but fashion also.  A green silk top is beautiful for this Spring. Love how they mixed it with a blue & cream skirt: 

Or add a green jacket this Spring with your jeans:

And you gotta love the green KitchenAid mixer :

HOUZZ recently honored me  with some greenery too, with this badge.

And this week, this badge came in.  Thank you HOUZZ!

  I'm always grateful for their shout out because it brings in new design friends like you.
I've got a small tad of green in my new home and I hope to share my home  with you soon.  
What about you?  Will you bring some green into your designs this year?  Outside or inside?
Here's to the new year and hopefully more consistent blogging!
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(lamp is from Stray Dog Designs, pillows are Schumacher's Betwixt fabric )

Friday, October 28, 2016

The Big Chill

Last weekend we had alot of fun in Boulder, Colorado.   Let's just say if I didn't live in Austin or somewhere by the beach, I'd be moving to Boulder or Denver.  If you haven't visited either or haven't been in awhile I highly recommend visiting again.  Always so much to do in the beautiful outdoors , great restaurants , shopping, etc..
While there I was thrilled to finally tour the very cool Big Chill Appliance headquarters.
If you aren't familiar with this company, then you need to check out their website for loads of eye candy.

The staff was super kind and generous, taking my family on a fun tour of the factory.

I first fell in love with their appliances when visiting someone's beach house in Port Aransas, Texas a few years ago.

I knew one day I wanted to either own one or use on a design project!  First of all the style is retro but the colors are so fun.  I had thought the colors above were about the few that you could order.  However, when touring the factory, we found out there's tons of color options and you can even customize your color!  Designers or clients can send them a swatch of fabric or a paint sample , and they will color match it!

They do have a few styles of appliances.  One that I love is the PRO series, such as this stove:

And so in love with the larger 48" stove!:

Or the Retropolitan series in a fun pattern or a solid:

And you can order the top in one color, the bottom another.  Pretty cool for a gameroom right?

Another fun size for a gameroom is this smaller mid size.  Definitely larger than a dorm room size fridge with plenty of statement style.

Look at all the pretties lined up , ready to be shipped.  Yes, they ship anywhere!

Here's the many options of colors you can order for  these cuties:

I did gather a bunch of  metal samples and will have them at the studio if you'd like to see a swatch in person.
Or you can always contact them, and they'll ship one to you.

In other news, we're still trying to finalize a contract on the sale of our home. 

 However, always taking back ups!  If you're looking to buy a new home in the Austin, Texas area, check out our  listing here.

Make it a great weekend!
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Monday, October 17, 2016


Y'all know that we've bought and sold a few homes over our designing career right?  We've also been fortunate on selling them fast because we know how to stage, we try to maintain a home in the most tidy way we know, update the heck out of each home and we're great on negotiating with homeowners easily on repairs needed, etc..  Cuz let's face it, over all the homes we've owned, the majority have been older homes, even one from the 1800's.  
However, this property has been a true roller coaster ride on contracts but we're hanging on that ride!
After I wrote the last blog post, the first contract terminated.  They decided they wanted to be closer into the metropolitan area.  (we're the opposite, we keep moving further out cuz we've lived in Austin over 23 yrs and happy to get out of the congestion)  But I think anyone new to Austin doesn't understand that part until they experience it.  (and we're partial to our exemplary Lake Travis School District!)  
So, the next day after the first contract fizzled, we were excited because we had a back up offer come in.  Yay!  However, they had an Inspector do another report (cuz we had an initial one done by first buyer and it wasn't too bad).  With the new inspection, this guy pointed out everything you can imagine.  Let's just say he probably added to them backing out somewhat.  And/or it's just not meant to be.  Because of both of these contracts falling through, I thought it would be good to write a blog post about what I know from buying and selling, for what it's worth.
Here's my first point on buying a home:
1) if you have that "oh my gosh" feeling  the first moment you walk inside the prospective home, then it's probably the one.  (or for my hubby, he knew on this home the instant he was in the driveway that it was for us, seriously!)  BUT, it  can't be just for the's gotta be that "oh my gosh" feel for the hubby too.  Cuz a good marriage is when both are happy campers in the same house.  Trust me on this one.  We bought a home yrs ago that I loved but my husband wasn't thrilled about the hood from the beginning.  We finally moved and it was good for all.  Lesson learned, it's gotta be the right fit for both.
2) Don't buy a gorgeous home that you think you can afford, but haven't really put ALOT of thought into the tax bill at the end of the year, OR the HOA fees.  We custom built a "McMansion" years ago, in a posh  hood that we thought we had to have.   Well, every December when that tax bill came around it hurt, alot.  Lesson learned, live within your means.  Figure your tax bill up until the  kids need to go to college.  Then hey, figure your college bill needs.  We're sending our 3rd child to college  next year.  Luckily we've saved, but if you don't put away money now for your kids' college, then trust me, you will be in for a major wake up call when they're going to college.   (I say this, because the majority of our house lookers are young families)
3) when eyeing a property, budget your window treatments, yard guy, new furniture, etc...and if you're like us, then take into account you'll probably want to add on /remodel.  
4) when you read an inspection report, remember that not all things on that report are really that bad and if  you're buying an older home you'll have a long list of inspector's job is to point out EVERY negative thing he can cuz he's liable!  However, seller's half the time don't even know some of that stuff needed to be fixed or was hazardous.  Give your sellers time to fix them or have the give you a monetary allowance to fix them later, or use that money to buy a new sofa!
Now, a few points on selling your home:
 1)  Don't wait until Mr. Inspector makes his negative list for your buyers.  Schedule your own Inspector when you market your home.  Doing so, gives you time to address what he'll find beforehand!     If not, you might scare off new home buyers that aren't used to old homes and all the issues that just come with a home's age.  They'll race down to the next hood with the brand new homes fast, cuz  your Inspector will scare them away from an older home!
If Steven and I flew everytime we had a mile list of inspections from old homes, we wouldn't have bought so many of them.  However, we've always been like Joanna & Chip Gaines and loved taking an older home and making it more beautiful.  We all know that Chip and JoJo don't balk at the inspection report.  
Now, honestly, I've never hired an Inspector before selling.  After this last Inspector ripped our house apart on every detail though(things that truly made a few of us laugh), we decided it's best to get an Inspection first from now on.  Then someone like that guy won't have so much fun writing all that stuff.  You want to make his job tough!  We've got subs lined up this week doing all this stuff around house showings.  Do it before you market your home so you don't drive yourself and your realtor bonkers.
2) Stage it right.  So true, and if you're not savvy on how to do this, then hire a stager.  Worth every penny.
3) Don't rush to take the first contract.  If you have time  to wait, then have patience.  Other contracts will probably come and go.  Don't think it's a done deal when you have that contract and start packing!  You have to really wait until the Option Period is up.   Then you can safely pack.   Then you really have to wait until the closing happens and the ink is dry to move those boxes yall.  
As we speak, we actually have offer #3 on the table from apparently a sweet couple.  However, we have  anxious out of towners coming this week, along with an appt this afternoon.  So, we'll see how they pan out before signing on this one.   We're just a lil gun shy and want to be 100% sure it's the right one to sign.   I'm thankful the Austin market is a good one, it just gets tiring showing the house and living in perfect-ville everyday.  If you've had a home on the market , then you understand my grief!   Self-inflicted wounds, I know.    
Cheers for the new week.  Stay tuned and I'll let  you know next week what happens.  Until then I'll try to practice what I'm preachin'....oh yeah,I'm supposed to be patient I said.  
In between that time, I need to show yall  some great new stuff we'll be carrying in the studio.  Follow along on IG or FB and I'll have updates this week.
p.s. I apologize if I didn't return your call last week.  I had two inquiries on one day, both were accidentally deleted from my cell phone.  If you're one of those, please contact me through my website "contact us" page.  
Make it a great one!

Sunday, October 9, 2016


 I can't believe that I haven't written a blog post since March!  I've been busy over the last few months and so I was mainly keeping readers up to date on Facebook or Instagram (cuz blogging just takes time!).  However, over the last month several people mentioned to me in various ways that they love following my blog;  really?!  I was honored to hear that really some of yall enjoy the blog even if you don't always comment.  Thank you for inspiring me to write again, because I have so much news that I want to share with yall!  I'm giving you the fast version in this blog post and then I'm onto regular scheduling each week of blog posts (and yes, hold me accountable!)

Ok, first off, we're buying a spec home built by Agave Custom Homes, pictured above, close to our existing neighborhood and selling our beloved Paleface Ranch home pictured below.

Why you ask?  Oh for many reasons, but short answer is that we're downsizing so that we can take on more endeavors and have more free time in Colorado when we like.  We have a contract on the property and just received a back up offer on it today and so we're excited!

I'll be sharing updates on how we'd like to tweek our new spec home once we close on the property,
 cuz would love to turn the red brick into this "brick smear" look that Joanna Gaines created
on one of their episodes with red brick also:

In design studio news, I'm so excited to add the talented and beautiful Andrea McLaughlin of McLaughlin Interiors to the JVW HOME team.

 Andrea brings years of gorgeous design work to the table.  You can view her biography and portfolio on our JVW HOME website also.  Here's a few of her great designs:

 Next off, JVW HOME is opening a design studio/showroom (after being in this biz for 17 years) in this commercial space.  We will mainly be an "appt. only" studio for our clients and designers.

However, we'll host occasional days that we'll be open to the public so that you can order fabrics, etc without having to drive all over Austin.

 Talk about a dream coming to fruition, finally!  God has HIS plan and just when I thought I might just go back to painting class and take more time off, HE pushes me into this endeavor , never know where life is going to take you.   Now, that I'm on this ride, it's a fast track but the journey so far has brought me together with such nice people and I'm so excited to share with yall this new chapter!   We'll be in this cute log cabin along with Direct Natural Stones (fabulous curated slabs of marbles, granites, etc.) and also Scout Goods and Design.  Together we'll have a design collaborative of offering our clients wholesale pricing on fabrics, rugs, lighting, countertops, window treatments, bedding and SO much more.  Not to mention a "shop" will be added to the jvw home site, for online ordering of decor.   Oh, and one thing we're so pumped about, are the custom porch swing/day beds we'll be adding.  Here's one I custom designed for a client a few years ago, and we'll have similar ones.

We'll have a sample hanging at the cabin in November and take custom orders at any time.
We'll also have a bunch of all weather fabrics to choose from to truly customize your swing.  Did I mention we ship all over the USA?  Yep, so stay tuned for more news on those swings!

We'll also have bedding in varying price points since our area really doesn't have alot of good bedding options:

Carry fun lines such as the colorful yet classic Dash and Albert rugs:
And also carry "on trend" lighting, furniture, etc  at designer prices, such as this light from Gabby Home:

Trust me, treat yourself and eye Gabby's site  for design candy!  You'll want to redo all your rooms :).

You've seen only a small fraction of what we'll have to show  you at the cabin, so you can see why we're excited.

Ok, yall now hold me accountable to show up , and write that blog post next week.  I'm excited to share more updates, and projects that Andrea and I are working on.  Until then, make it a great week and never stop believing in your dream.

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