Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Round Top Last Season

By the time you read this post, we will be headed back to Round Top for the Fall show.
Back in March, our design team hunted some of our fave Round Top vendors for a client that needed some equestrian decor and also some beautiful botanicals.  
We found these gorgeous arrangements at Botanica Home from North Carolina!  Amazing creations, 
I wished I could've brought them all back!

We ended up buying these sweet trophy planters for our client:
Here's part of my shopping team, Andrea (our other designer) with her precious little one Maren, and also my DIL Nadya on the right.  
We've dragged Maren to a few of the shows in the past, and she's always the trooper. 

Next we found the beautiful art of Lisa Moore.

This handsome guy ended up going home with us and eventually to our equestrian clients' home:

Still at the Arbors, we ventured over to another tent.  
Here we found the nicest vendor, Mario Silva with Statement.  
He has gorgeous decor and furniture.   We bought these beautiful items for our client too:

Rachel, my Design Assistant is pictured with Nadya in Mario's beautiful booth.

On our way back down the highway, we stopped in the actual town of Round Top.
Here's one of my FAVE vendors, The Porch:

I might be bringing these pendants back for my own home this time, now that I've shifted into a neutral palette again: 

We stopped next at an area that was fun, but I don't remember the name of this one.  Just look for the many bread bowls on the side of the highway, if you go this year:

Next, we ventured to another amazing area not to be missed: Warrenton.  

Here's a tiny peak of some of our finds:

We were exhausted from walking miles that day but had a blast.   

Nadya and I went back the next day to pick up a few more items and this time my friend Misty came along with us.  We perused the Warrenton area some more:

Now, you're wondering how all those items looked in our client's home?

Next time on the blog, I'll share more of our equestrian client's beautiful home  and photos Nadya shot for us.  
Hope you'll stay tuned.  

 I'll be sharing our Round Top finds on my Insta Stories @jvwhome,  if you'd like to follow along.

Off to bed early tonight for our adventures tomorrow!  Let me know if you're going and would love to hear about your finds too!


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Painting a Room From Dark To a Lighter Color

This week we're taking this Living Room from dark Hale Navy to a softer, warm white. I do love the look here (and Hale Navy), but ready to have a more neutral palette in this room for a few reasons.
Would I paint the brick fireplace all white too?  Somehow, for now, I feel the accent is nice.  Being antique Chicago brick I feel I need to keep it "antique" for awhile. 

If you look at the image below, you'll see that we already have some white walls on the side walls of the rooms.  I know, it will be a whole lotta white, right?  I'm ok with this....I'm the type that loves to change out pillows each season and the decor.  So, having the flexibility of white walls works best for me.  The velvet green curtains are moving to another room upstairs also.  Instead we'll be installing white curtains on all the Living Room windows.   I'm researching various kitchen pendants too.  I'm ready to switch the blue pendant lights to another color that will be more neutral as well.  I'm considering the same Rejuvenation lights, in white or black shades.  I'm also ready to change out the ceiling light to an oversized basket type pendant.
Round Top Antique Week  is right around the corner though, so I'm going to hold off on any lighting decisions or purchases until I see what they'll have.  Did you know that some of the top buyers for Pottery Barn, Anthropologie and other major home decor companies visit Round Top every season for their inspiration, for new products? 

I just love the serene and clean look of rooms with white wood though....timeless and just always feels good.  
Clarke and Co.


Clarke and Co.


So, which color white did I choose for my new project?  Sherwin Williams Alabaster 7008.

I have alot of "go to" whites but I feel like this one is just right for the light that pours in the room and the surroundings.  
I also like to use the following type of paint when specifying walls:
For Sherwin Williams, I like to use the Duration Satin Sheen.  I don't like anything higher in gloss, especially on wood/shiplap type walls or else it doesn't look authentic.  You could also use flat but I don't suggest flat alot because it's so hard to clean.  
If you prefer Benjamin Moore paint, I like to specify Regal Eggshell for the walls.

Hope you'll follow along on Instagram @jvwhome for the paint changes!

This week, we're also spending more administrative time tweeking a few things on our website and discussing new business goals.  
We'll get some new projects photographed and onto our blog and website soon so yall can see other houses we work on. (not just ours!)  The hardest part is getting clients to want to photograph their homes.  One reason we try to snap a few pics on our Instagram pages when we can, to keep you updated. 

If you're needing some paint ideas, new interior changes, or just maybe wallpaper or window treatments, call us!   The girls at JVW HOME  are happy to help you create a home that's uniquely you and your own serene space.
Oh, one more thing....remember you can pop in 11-2 on Wallpaper Wednesdays to peruse our many wallpaper, trim & fabric books!  

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Learning to Love Home Again (and blogging)

Feels great to be back, finally, writing on this blog again.  I mean seriously, last time I wrote was in January?   I have it on my calendar now to send you some design inspo every week from now on.
Whether I strum it up from my own home,
 my clients or share another designer that inspires me, etc..Yes, I solemnly agree to start this thing we call blogging all up again!  Send me a cattle prod in the A on Instagram if for some reason I don't own up to this statement, ok yall?
Most of my Instagram followers know the journey our family has been on since about the Spring.  We got caught up in this frenzy thinking we needed to move closer into the city because we're on the outskirts of Austin in Spicewood, Tx..  With prices escalating the closer in, we had to change our search area, fast.  One day a charming Santa Barbara/Spanish style home came on the market in our own neighborhood.
We almost bought this precious home and had so many creative ideas!  Fast forward for many reasons, we came to Jesus on our thinking, literally.  Interest rates had already started their rise and it just seemed crazy to spend alot of money on a remodel, live in a lease house for probably half a year (minimum) and end up with a smaller home with a larger interest rate and IN our same neighborhood?  Why not just stay home, do the things we always wanted to do on it? Duh!
So we bailed and decided to stay and love on our current place.  First things first.  We always wanted more privacy in our backyard and even the front.
Not that we don't love our neighbors. We do... super kind people.  However, we had moved here from 5 acres that were totally private.  Plus my husband and I both work with people every day and want that solitude when we go home.  Our home and our backyard has always been our haven, our sanctuary.  
When we bought this Agave Custom Homes spec home, we had to clear part of the lot for the pool/barn area.  We used our own subcontractors and they accidentally plowed down a large tree that helped with privacy.  Fast forward, we'll be adding a pool cabana at the far end of the pool to give us that privacy again.

Here's our inspiration pic for the design we'll create:
We recently added a staircase from the upper balcony that will lead to the cabana better too.  The only staircase to the back was from the screened in porch.  (you can eye our staircase project on Instagram)

Anyways, as you know we move alot and always up for a new canvas ( a new home).  
However, right now, we've got that peaceful feeling of "thank God we stayed" and listened to His direction in the end.  God always knows what's right if we trust him.  We don't always get our answers right away.  When we do see His goodness and His answer, it's a great confirmation and I like to call it a "hug with His love".  A peaceful, easy feeling.    
Right after we made the decision to stay, we had to move not only our son from his apt. to another college apt, but then also helped my Mom move some of her things out of her house.  All in the August brutal 100+ heat days.  
With that little taste/reminder of what moving involves, we thought, "how in the H-e-l-l, could we also have moved out of this whole house this year.  What were we thinking?"  
God also gives us those times in our life as lessons.  Lessons learned:  It's good to just stay here, be grateful for this home and just start personalizing our "modern farmhouse" more than we had already done.
Sometimes we want everything else that's out there and lose sight of the goodness of what we have at our own homes.  
I hope I inspire you today, to look at your own home.  If it's a good financial fit for you, a good locale, then just love on it more!  Everything can be made cuter or larger.  
Don't know where to start?  Call me and I'll help you redesign it. Or start perusing Pinterest and get your inspiration going to make your home comfortable and uniquely you.

Lots of love,

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


When we outfit a home, we love to utilize every square inch.  So when we purchased our "spec" home a couple of years ago, we just had to add storage wherever there was a blank area.   I've always had a huge china cabinet in any of the last houses we've had.  When we moved into this home, I didn't have it because we sold our last one with the last house.  For months, our china sat in storage along with a ton of glassware, table linens, etc..  
Sometimes it takes awhile to settle into a new home to figure out what to do with extra things you have.  The only spot we could think of was under the staircase because at the time we only used it for the vacuum and an overflow of wine.  
We had our carpenter Santos create a great china/glass area under the staircase, so that it would also be close to the Dining Room table (it's hiding behind the wingback on the right).
And here's the close up (ignore the styling....this was just after Christmas and I was in a hurry):
Anyways, I thought yall would love to be inspired with other creative ways you can utilize this space under your stairs.  I gathered a few ideas from Pinterest here:

Next blog post I'll share what we're working on this week to finish out the area under the stairs.  Here's where I'll store more glassware, table linens, etc.   Stay tuned.  Hope you're having a great 2018.
If you want to stay up with JVW HOME daily,  follow us on Instagram where we post more often.
But if you're reading this far, then I so appreciate your loyal support.




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