Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Back in The House

Long time, no see.  We are back in the house after a summer of travels to Florida and our place in Colorado. Nothing exotic but just good ole fashioned USA fun.  
I know you think I've been MIA, but I'm truly best at posting on Instagram  weekly(@jvwdesign), so you can always find me there.  However, if you are a few of the sweet people that still enjoy reading blog posts, then I'm happy you're still here.
Honestly I didn't realize alot of people even still read my blog until recently I received a few nice emails about my design work & they would mention the blog.  So, thank you to those that take the time to read and are part of my tribe!
Well, remember my last post back in May?  I mentioned we were having a wedding for my daughter at our Texas home in June.

 Well, LONG story short.  My daughter and son-in-law did get married but we're having the ceremony at a later date and quite possibly even in Colorado , which could be great.
On another positive note, the ceremony was the catalyst to get our house finally fixed up, outside and inside.  Although the last "hotter than hell Texas" month has brutally browned our green grasses.   
The postponed ceremony isn't in the works yet, but will be happy to share when the time comes for another event. Why did we cancel?  No preggos or anything....just  a personal story  & respecting the privacy of others.  However, it wasn't the right timing for the ceremony .  We cancelled in May just a few weeks shy of the ceremony.
I must say thank you to my friends and family that were uber sweet when we did have to cancel weeks before the ceremony.  Life could have been alot worse cuz it was just an event right?.... but my daughter and I worked so hard on the event for months!
....and then to cancel, well it was sad for us both.  Everything is relative. I now know to be sensitive to others if they're going thru something that maybe I think "could be worse".  Anyone's sadness in their moment is what it is and always just try to have compassion &  heart when others are pouty , sad and going thru something.   I now know that just a simple " I understand, and I'm here for you" is all someone needs to hear.  Whether you think it's trivial or not.
I was in repair , and just needed time &  solace. 
 Not talking or writing about it made it easier to process because I was tired of telling umpteen people why the event had to be postponed.   So, thank you to those that let me go "down under" for awhile.  
I even had to delegate my last design project to another Designer, which is not me!  The project was  a fabulous house and super sweet clients.  I just wasn't in the right frame of mind to be creative and continue working during the summer.
After a few weeks passed, our family traveled to Florida and Colorado. 
 Time at the beach 
and then time in the mountains,
 was truly what I needed to clear my head and feed my soul.
I had barely started to decorate the Guest Room at our Texas house before the wedding event, so  the girls could get ready in a "girly" room. I had lost my design spark to finish the room all summer though.  Yesterday we finally got around to hanging more art & finishing the room !   
 It's my "Audrey Hepburn at Tiffany's" mix of pink,golds, blacks, whites with touches of vintage and long sweeping white canvas curtains.

Fast forward to September and I'm now ready to rock and roll with our EDesign.  Probably won't tackle new residential in house design before the holidays just to concentrate on the EDesign projects  for now.
Over the summer we took off the EDesign page while Christin and I both enjoyed the summer.  We're editing the page and will announce soon when our EDesign services will be back and running on the website.

Thanks for following along with my journey.  Would love to hear from you and will share our EDesign updates soon!
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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's a Suite Time!

Hello again;  ya it's been awhile.....
Where have I been for the last few months?   Well, lots of happenin's.  For starters , my precious daughter got engaged in January.   We're so excited because we love our future son-in-law.  So, it's all good.  But when they announced their engagement, they also said they wanted to be married at our farm, in June.  We were thrilled, honored, ecstatic!!  Fast forward to a few weeks later and well, I was slightly panicked that we were having a major event at our house, in how many months!?   The interior of the farm still needed work and the exterior was a whole different story.  The exterior had never been really worked on much and so all of a sudden we're in major upheavel getting everything in tip top shape.  Now, if money were no object, we'd have crews here each and everyday!
We do have some great yard guys helping us, but we have 5 acres and that's alot of work.    So, my husband has been on a tractor alot.  (he'll complain from time to time, but I think he actually enjoys working with a tractor.  Boys and their toys right?)
The Bride To Be and Groom To Be requested an outdoor ceremony and reception.   No prob right?  Well, we have this "barn" that we've always wanted to make cuter and well, it's finally getting a  makeover.  You wouldn't have believed all the farm implements, old remodel building materials, old giveaway stuff, junk, paint cans, etc that we had to clean out of the barn.   It was just stored back there in a mess,  I mean it was ugly!!  
Still have a few "things" in the barn, but eventually it will all be nice decorated tables , curtains and pretty lights you'll see.  The  barn is being turned into a rustic glam reception area with off white billowy curtains and loads of party lights, chandeliers &  Christmas lights.
The custom curtains will actually be made from dropcloths I bought off Amazon. 
 My seamstress priced around, I priced around and honestly the cheapest way to drape this HUGE barn was to buy a ton of dropcloths and make the curtains from them.  The barn measures 40' x 60' so we had to be creative on a budget.   Curtains will cover those lovely rainwater collection tanks .  They'll also encompass the whole barn and have tied back panels where the entrance will be.   There will also be swags of the dropcloths up in the ceiling with the twinkling lights around them.
The theme is rustic glam.  My daughter said she didn't want to do the overdone burlap and mason jar barn look.  (although I still like it, but hey I'm now the MOB, so I have to let them design what they want)  We've collaborated alot and so we'll have a teensy burlap but probably not the mason jars.  We're mainly using a mix of mercury glass vases and candles with glam golds:

 Picture frames in silvers, golds and whites:

And her color scheme is pretty much wrapped up in this lil vignette of hair ties:
Lots of blush pinks, champagnes, whites, off whites, silver and gold.
Everyday from their first announcement til now is a series of phone calls, emails, research on the computer or gathering/decorating something. Planning a wedding is a full time job, but having it at your house is a whole other ballgame.  As my hubby and I say "we're creating a venue, not just fixing up the house",   I had no idea the work it really would involve!  Even though I've been stressed, I'm
still very happy the event will take place at our home.
At first, the backdrop of the wedding ceremony was going to be this garden shed.  Now, for lighting and just comfort , we've moved the backdrop to be under oak trees.
White guest chairs will face this backdrop with isles of galvanized buckets and baby's breath.  The wedding chairs along the aisles will have pink sashes.  The trees will be decorated with natural branches and swags of ivy and flowers flanking white pulled back curtains.

The backyard will host the cocktail reception and also a dinner reception.  Here's a pic from last year when Luke was filling the rock pathway in the backyard.  We've been using this path but knew we eventually needed stepping stones.  Don't want any ladies tripping in heels!
We had a great stone mason cut these leuter stones and make a safer pathway for guests:
Because of the wedding planning, I haven't had much time to do interior design.  I decided to only take on one large scale project and cut back our EDesign.
  In January, I  took on a recent project  consulting with a sweet family in Gruene, Texas.  They're building a gorgeous modern & classic farmhouse.  The architect is Kai Geschke, the talented  architect that designed the Patterson project. The style of the home is similar yet very different.
Here's some recent selections we picked out :

Master closet carpet options:

Wallpaper & paint for the Study:

Gorgeous wood flooring:

I also got caught up in building the website for our Colorado vacation rental home.  If you need a great mountain summer vacation, please check out our home.  It's booking fast for the summer, so don't hesitate :)  : Crossman Cabin

Anyways, that's a lil sneak into my last few months and where I've been.  Or you can always follow me on Instagram:  @jvwdesign
I usually snap a few updates here and there .  Easier than blog posting while you're in a time crunch!

Hope everyone is doing great and I always appreciate you following along on my designing journeys.

The wedding is happening in just a few weeks and I can't wait to share the pics once it's all over.  It's been a learning journey for me, in so many ways, and a sentimental journey.  

Would love to hear from you,  and any wedding advice you'd give?

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Texas Farmhouse Sneak Peek & Updates

Here's a lil sneak peek into our farm that we've been updating for a few years now.  Christin was here this past Saturday helping me on an installation for a new Lakeway project and  before we went to the installation, Christin took some pics of the farm.   We plan on shooting alot more pics in the coming months when we have more time but thought it would be nice to show you a sampling.   
 I just haven't had the time lately  to catch up and blog about design, the farm, etc,  but I hope to share more projects soon when time allows.   
In other news we purchased a vacation home in Buena Vista, Colorado and have been fixing it up.

 Really excited to share all the interior details with you soon!
And kudos to my hubby...he recently built a closet/dressing room for me while Christin and I were at the installation.  We have been sharing one closet but things were getting tight and clothes couldn't breathe!  I'm really lovin' my new closet and the fact that he created it.  He had to build alot of Ikea cabinets and you know how much fun Ikea stuff can be to build right?  Oh ya.....
We will share pics soon of the space.  (think lots of white, vintage chairs, mirrors, vanity)   We utilized my old home office space and turned the majority of it into my closet.  My goal in 2015 is to move my office out of the house and so most of my office stuff is in storage until we figure it all out.  
Next I plan on returning the love by making his closet a true manly closet (think warm smokey browns with industrial lighting and organized!)  
For those of you that are signed up for E-Design, thanks for your patience while we get each one finished before the end of this year.  We won't be taking on any new E-Design projects for 2015 until we post a new date.  We need the time off for awhile to work on our new office goals for 2015 and finish up loose ends of the current year. 
Thanks as always for following our journey in design!,

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Miranda Lambert's New B & B!

Miranda Lambert has just opened a very unique B & B in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, called Ladysmith.  I'm loving all the unique rooms that were so creatively put together.  On her Facebook page, Miranda is getting mixed reviews on the design.  In my opinion, every room is a creative genius and I applaud Miranda and her team! 

While in Tishomingo, you might even spot Miranda at her local store called The Pink Pistol.  Check out the Pink Pistol on Facebook and you'll want to make a girls' trip to both the B & B , and the store!
I'm trying to catch up with lots of projects I have swirling right now, and will tell you more about those this Fall. Until then I hope you'll check out Miranda's site HERE.
Have a great weekend!
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Christin in the News, Sensory Processing Disorder & Dispraxia Awareness

Our team member , the lovely Christin was featured today as one of the newest contributors to one of San Antonio's most happenin' parenting blogs called  Alamo City Mom's Blog.   You can read all about this awesome  San Antonio blog and see her fun short interview by clicking HERE.
If you've been following our blog you know she also guest posts on occasion here AND she also writes & photographs the sweetest family blog post called Growing Up Gish .
Here's a few precious pictures from her recent blog posts featuring her model adorbs children Claire and Tommy:
Truly an angelic  Gerber baby, don't you agree?!
..and the handsome Tommy, full of light and love.
But today's post is also about sharing what Christin has been doing this summer and why you haven't heard from her in awhile.
Recently Christin and her husband Rob realized their son  Tommy was having eating & sensory issues.     Long story later, they discovered Tommy has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) along with a subset of SPD called Dispraxia.
I found it so hard to know how to even start  explaining what SPD is or how to put it into words.  Christin, being the amazing writer she is, has done it beautifully. 
Here's an excerpt from her blog:
 "I’ve written this story in my head a thousand times. I’ve thought about how I could possibly even begin to explain such a long, bizarre situation to anyone that would care to read it. I’ve told the full story only a handful of times because it’s quite frankly exhausting to explain. I’m either met with one of two scenarios: a deer in the headlights look and a quick change of subject, or a quick interruption and comment such as…”Tommy looks like such a big, healthy boy! Give it some time, he’ll grow out of it.” It became too much for me to handle at times so Rob and I just continued to power through this with the support of our family and moved forward with our search for answers for our son. Throughout the years I’ve written dozens of emails to his pediatrician begging for reassurance to my constant pleas for help. “Something is wrong with Tommy…He’s not eating…He’s not eating…He’s not sleeping…I feel like he’s sick all the time…I think something is wrong with Tommy.” Every single time I was met with the same response, “He’s growing proportionally. He’ll grow out of it. Your giving him too much milk, reduce it to one cup a day. Have you tried eliminating food all together? He’ll eat when he’s hungry.” Same song, different verse every single time."
So, fast forward,  she's been in Colorado on and off all summer working with an amazing center called the STAR CENTER  that works with children regarding SPD.  Christin and Rob have been so blessed with finding this center and Tommy has been making wonderful progress.  I asked Christin if it was ok to share all this personal info with my readers and she wanted to because she wants to bring more awareness of SPD to others.
If you would like to read her story about what SPD & Dispraxia  is, the facility  in Colorado for SPD, etc., then please read her blog. She's written a few blog posts about the whole process and how  they've done amazing work.  And when you read her blog posts, you'll learn , like I did, that precious Tommy is a huge Ina Garten fan, how cute is that?!
Keep Christin , Tommy, Rob and their family in your prayers as they continue their journey.  They're back in San Antonio for awhile and then will return to Colorado and the STAR Center next month.
Even though it's a tough situation, they know they're so very blessed to have this journey and I hope we can all touch someone's life today with their story.
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