Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Asbestos Awareness Week

 Got asbestos in your home?    Well, most people really don't know because they either don't know what to look for or haven't had a proper inspection to find out. 

1. Insulation 6. Range Hoods 11. Furnace Covers
2. Roofing Materials 7. Textured Paints 12. Duct Insulation
3. Window Sealers 8. Fireplace Logs 13. Clothes Dryers
4. Spray-on Ceiling 9. Appliances 14. Vehicle Brake Linings
5. Electrical Equipment 10. Vinyl or Tiles Flooring 15. Exterior Siding
Alot of the homes constructed before the early 70's still pose a threat of containing asbestos.  So, if you love to remodel those older homes or maybe living in one now, then please take the time to dig more into this post.
  Most people don't even know the potential deadly dangers of asbestos.  To further  educate yourself  about asbestos , you can read OSHA'S article HERE.
  So, where is asbestos found in the home?
Asbestos has been used in many products found in the home to provide insulation, strength, and fire protection. In 1989, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) announced a phased ban of asbestos products to be completed by 1996. The most common items in the home that may contain asbestos are listed above and also here are a few other points:
  • Duct wrapping on heating and air conditioning systems
  • Insulation on hot water pipes and boilers, especially in homes built from 1920 to 1972
  • Some roofing, shingles, and siding
  • Ceiling and wall insulation in some homes built or remodeled between 1945 and 1978
  • Sheet rock taping compounds and some ceiling materials
  • asbestos sprayed on ceilings often that have a spongy, “cottage cheese” appearance with irregular soft surfaces.
Heather Von St.James , an advocate for asbestos awareness , recently contacted me and asked if I would reach out to my readers and help educate more people to the hidden dangers of asbestos in the home.  
 Heather developed Mesothelioma,  a rare and deadly cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.   Heather is a survivor and now spreading her knowledge and experience about asbestos.
  So, meso the what?    I know...I had never heard about this cancer and other health problems associated with asbestos, such as lung cancer and asbestosis
 Quite honestly I felt under educated when I read more about spotting asbestos within residential structures . 
Please take the time to educate yourself as well, and read Heather's story and her website by clicking HERE.
 Like me, alot of my blog readers have remodeled alot of older homes.  I hope that none of us were ever exposed to any of the dangers of asbestos while in the process of the remodels.  But I hope this article will just make you so much more aware on HOW to do your demolitions on your older homes safely and also how to contact the proper inspector that knows how to spot asbestos and educate you before you begin your remodeling.   
For more education on mesothelioma , you can also read the following two links:

To learn more about asbestos, you can click HERE .
Thank you Heather for reaching out and spreading awareness.  May you continue to be healthy and a shining light of education for many others!
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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shipping Container Homes

Would you believe this cool aqua home is constructed with one of these?
These homes were also created from a shipping container:
You won't believe the other amazing "shipping container" homes & projects on this link HERE.
Design studio? Guesthouse?  Office?   Lake cabin?  What your thoughts?  What would you build with one if you had the container?
p.s.   If you live in the Austin/San Antonio area, they sell the "raw" containers on IH 35 just south of the San Marcos outlet.
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Friday, February 28, 2014

A Neutral & Serene Master Bathroom Revisited

Yesterday I had a fun surprise flipping through the new  edition of AUSTIN HOME magazine  (Spring 2014),  and spotted this master bathroom  I designed.  The room is currently featured in Schroeder Carpet & Tile's ad.  Remember this room from the "Patterson Project"?  Schroeder  is the resource we used for the tiles, hardwoods,wallpapers  and carpeting in this home, and  I love the ease of their showroom for one stop shopping with a client!  
Oh, and here's a lil surprise....notice the gorgeous floor in this bathroom?  Wood?  Nope, it's a tile that looks so awesome in person &  truly looks so much like wood but a great product to use in areas like the bathroom.   Would also work great in a coastal home for sandy feet.
For more pictures of this  master bathroom, go to Schroeder's post HERE.
...and by the way , if you've contacted me recently about design work, I apologize but I've had computer "issues" if you didn't get a response from me, then now you know why!  
For new clients, I'm  only taking on E-Design projects and we're working on our cost/packaging so we can create a more affordable plan for you.   However, if you're wanting a room design faster than we can change our EDesign website page, then we would like to offer you a 10% discount on any package we currently have listed to get your project in queue.
Check our E-Design link at the top of this page  for more details!
Happy lovely Friday to you!
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Monday, February 17, 2014

02 17 Bday & 207 Port A !

February 17th, today's my birthday , woohoo!
  Can you tell I love dogs, and  lilacs?   
It's a mile stone too....the big 5-5!!  Truly hard for me to believe because I feel so much younger (well ok maybe I feel 40)....but I guess they say the  "new 40" is now the "50's"?   
My husband and I just returned from our Valentine's/Bday weekend and stayed at this precious cottage in Port Aransas, Texas.  We had a blast and met up with our two good friends down there.  The weather was back to the infamous Texas warm wonderful weather and it was picturesque.  I've been so sick of our cold weather and it was so great to finally warm up and feel great....oh ya NO cedar allergies down there or itchy eyes....felt great!  
The adorable SEA OATS COTTAGE was charming, cozy and just a great romantic getaway.  I give it 5 stars and highly recommend it. We loved not only the cottage, but the locale is our fave because our favorite thing we do in Port Aransas is bicycle everywhere, and the cottage is in the center of everything you need in Port A.  The sweet owner also provides you with a delicious Italian roast coffee and locally made wonderful soaps.
(flowers already in bloom there)

The cottage is also situated just below the beautiful & historical Chapel On the Dunes.
We had this charming view of the chapel just outside our back windows:
Click on the link just above the photo for more beautiful pictures of the interior of this chapel.
And here you can see the chapel just to the left of the cottage:
The cottage only rents to 2 people and you have to be over 25 (not a problemo here:) ).
For families, there's also a cute place just next door called the Chapel Cottage.
Our hope  is to one day own another cottage down there .  We miss the ease of taking our dogs when we want and going when we want.    We grew up in Texas and so this town is very near and dear to our hearts.  I used to love to go deep sea fishing with my Dad down here and think of him every time I'm there because he loved this town too.  And I had many family vacations there growing up that were just fun with my older brothers and sisters.
We will be down there again soon staying at Cinnamon Shore and can't wait to share with you another cute rental in that cute hood of Port A!

Gotta go enjoy "my" day and hope you're having a great Monday.

Do you dream about a coastal cottage in your state?  If so, where's your fave town on the coast?

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Rugs & Valentine's Art

Are you loving the new collection of rugs at Cost Plus/ World Market?  Great shades to bring you out of this wintry grey feeling right?  I like the new line of white slipcovered furniture also with a turquoise welt along with the Bohemian pillows.  Wouldn't this look great in a beach cottage?  :)  This is that time of the year when I'm truly getting tired of cold weather and need the sunshine and warm days.    The time of the year when I'm so ready to hit the coast!

I'll be going to the coast soon, and truly can't wait...counting the days to feel the coastal air and just the laid back calm of island life.  Going to the coast for me, is like a child landing at DisneyWorld!
(my Facebook collage )

Speaking of hearts....have you gotten creative this month and created something for those you love?    Here's what's in the works in my studio for some Valentine's love .  Small canvas paper collages with a heart theme:

 Not sure how I'll tweek them more or just leave them simple.  I've seen them before with a mini clothespin holding a small picture ....or I might add a trim or other type of embellishment:
I will search for the tutorial that I learned from .  At the moment I can not find what blog it came from...  But you basically use a Matte Medium for all your layers and as the glue.
Today on Cedar Hill Farmhouse is a cute Valentine's canvas made with sweet details too:
Remember we still have  Valentine's love at the shop in Marble Falls.  I'm hoping to get up there this week and re-stock my space within Chique, Unique and Antique.  But here's some of the love stuff you can still find:
Sweet lavender filled sachets...
And I love this fairly light garland to hang over a girl's mirror or headboard anytime of the year:
Remember you can always have anything shipped to you, if you don't live in our area. 
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