Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lakeway/Firebird New Custom Home

Today's reveal is a "Hill Country Modern" custom home I recently worked on.  I've helped this family remodel one home and also build two new homes.    The owner is a custom home builder, Craftsmen Custom Homes, and he also owns a framing company called Double Cut Inc.  in the Austin area. We always have a great time making all the selections and it's a true joy to help them each time.
I love the entry way with it's light fixture made of black iron and gold accents.  There's no glass on this fixture which makes it very nice for maintenance.  The table lamps were purchased separately but coordinate great together with the same finishes.
After you enter, you walk into the open space of the large Living Room/Dining Room/Kitchen area:
LOVE the chandy when dimmed, over the Dining Room table. 
We would love for the gorgeous shutters to be closer to the mirror :).  They were installed before we could change it and those screw mounts are very heavy duty and those shutters are VERY heavy.   So, moving them just wasn't worth the angst!  (these are those lil details that drive designers wonky)
Subway is just truly a classic and we used a beveled version here:
Love how the weathered wood look turned out.  We used Stephanie Fitzharris, a local faux artist, to paint the shelves , the wood vent surround and also the kitchen island.
The large walk thru pantry is located on the wall just behind the stove and this cute beverage bar is on the right side of the pantry.  On the left side (not pictured) is a coffee bar:

We utilized a space on the island for a paper towel holder, another fave detail.  We also painted the island color a soft blue green (aged with a stain),  and different from the white perimeter cabinetry.
Off from the kitchen is a planning desk and a built in banquette.   The reclaimed wood backsplash from Revival is another favorite detail with it's mixed patinas of blues , green and turquoises.   Love this cozy nook because it overlooks the gorgeous Lake Travis and their swimming pool.  The Sputnik style light fixture adds some modern bling to the space also.  (a great example of mixing the old with the new)

The mudroom is just further down the hallway also.
Next time I'll share the Powder Room and the Master Suite which is also on this "wing" of the house.
Until then, stay warm and hope you'll come back soon!
p.s. all pics shown were taken by the talented Christin of Gish Photography!
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Monday, December 14, 2015

Pictures of Our House - Part 4 (and a sneak peek into my latest project)

I'm finally posting the pics of the exterior.  December has truly swept me away, once again, with too many things I'd like to accomplish in each day.  Blogging just had to be on the back burner for a few days! 

....and some evening pics of the front:

 Pics of the rear exterior:

Our neighborhood has lake access to the Pedernales Arm of Lake Travis (that's why we have a "Lakeside Country Club")

The Vegetable Garden with the Garage/Garden Room/Man Cave Cottage

Our pole barn with party chandeliers, garden shed  and HUGE rainwater collection tanks (and some various "trailer trash" ) 

I'm not really sure if I'll have a free day before Christmas to post all the pictures from my latest project, "the Lakeway project ";  the one we took pics of a couple of months ago.  If not, we'll start the new year off , with all those photos.  Until that time, here's a couple of fave pics from the project to keep you interested....notice, we'll be featuring a lot of blue accents from this home, a hot color trend for 2016!  

From our home to yours, wishing you and yours a beautiful holiday season,

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Pictures of Our House - Part 3

Welcome back to the house.  Today I'm featuring Part 3 which is basically all the bedrooms and their bathrooms, and the "Ladies' Closet/Office".

When we first moved in, my husband and I shared a very large walk-in  closet (not pictured) but it was still busting at the seams.  We later added the Ikea cabinets on this wall for extra storage.
We originally painted all the walls the chocolate brown color, but one Spring I needed a quieter, lighter color on at least one wall, so then we added the soft grey blue.  The bookshelves are more of a grey brown than the chocolate walls.

Beyond the barn door and blue curtains used to be one large design studio/home office.  I had layers of fabric books stacked on shelves.  A few months ago, I decided to keep all my design samples, books , etc in a storage trailer in the back.  (in hopes of having a commercial space one day).  I stepped back from doing alot of residential "in house" work and started focusing more on EDesign.  With EDesign, I do so much resourcing online and found I didn't need all the bulky samples in this home space. By taking out all the design studio extras, I was able to turn this space into my Dressing Room!   The shelves are now concealed by white curtains where I have shelving for shoes, etc. and more Ikea closets. Now Steven gets the luxury of having his own closet, and I now have the separate dressing area/home office.  

The Ladies Dressing Area/Home Office used to be the front porch.  We enclosed it, then added a new front covered porch (visible through the windows).
Master Bathroom

In the Master Bathroom, we totally remodeled this space with Carrerra marble, new vanity, lighting, etc..

Extra large shower in Carerra marble  with a rain water shower head and a regular shower head.

Sweet antique chandelier found at Round Top with it's smokey amethyst crystals.

Down the hallway, is another Powder Bath with wood walls.  This room doesn't have a window so I lightened up the walls and painted the floor a fun high gloss paint.  The vanity was found via Sundance catalog and love the cute small square sink.  Space is an issue in this room, so the candle, towel holder , faucets and soap dispenser are all wall mounts.
Powder Bathroom
Leading downstairs is the Play Area just off the two extra bedrooms.  The Play Area is my Grandson's lil spot for hanging out.  We have loads of fun stuff concealed in the bins and in the storage bench.  The soft rug makes for cozy , on the floor, play time.

One bedroom is on the left, the other on the right of the Play Area. 
In Luke's room, we originally had the shelves custom made for album covers.  We later moved all the albums out to the garage/man cave.  The shelves now are a display area for rocks and fossils.  We had custom metal signs made for favorite different cities below the clocks.  The large louvered shutters were painted black to match the wood windows painted black.  I should've had the photographer take a pic of Luke's computer (white box), he built himself.  The left wall of this box has a clear glass that shows all the lighted workings within the box.  Pretty cool stuff.

Luke's Room

Luke's bathroom on photo shoot day.   Forgot a towel to hang :).

Luke's Bathroom

The bathroom is a Jack and Jill bathroom style.  Each bedroom has their own sink but they share a shower/toilet area.

Below is the other bedroom.  

Guest Room

Guest Bathroom

Tomorrow I'll finally share the recent exterior pictures also.  And later in the week, I'm excited to share pictures from the recent Lakeway project.

(Not sure WHY this post  is showing a couple of font sizes and I don't know how to edit this goof.  And this month, well you know, it's busy.  I honestly don't have time to figure it out right please bear with the look lol.)

Hope you'll stay tuned and enjoy this special season ,

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